# Conformal Field Theory ## Content [Generalities](conformal1.html) [General conformal transformation in 2D. Ward identity](conformal2.html) ⓣ ⓘ [Primary operators and descendants. Virasoro algebra](conformal3.html) ⓐ [Descendants and degeneracy](conformal4.html) ⓐ [Kac formula. Primary operators' algebra. Minimal theories](conformal5.html) ⓐ [Free field representation (\\(c=1\\)) and its deformation (\\(c<1\\))](conformal6.html) ⓐ [Correlation functions in minimal conformal theory I](conformal7.html) ⓐ [Correlation functions in minimal conformal theory II](conformal8.html) ⓐ [Finding primary operator algebra's coefficients](conformal9.html) ⓐ [Bibliography](litterature.html) ⓐ ⓐ, t.b.a: to be amended ⓣ: translations ⓘ: images ![http://davidbau.com/conformal/#z](images/conformal.png) ## About These are notes on conformal field theory taken at the [Physics department](http://www.phys.ens.fr/) of the [École Normale Supérieure](www.ens.fr). Lectures given by V.Dоtsenkо and J.Jaсоbsеn as part of the Theoretical Physics Master Program Paris, 2010